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Mental health

SuicideLine Victoria provides phone and online counselling for anyone struggling with their mental health including anxiety, depression, feeling low, stressed or having suicidal thoughts.

SuicideLine Victoria has a number of resources available that can help you through this difficult time. If it is an emergency call 000.

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What is PTSD?

Learn about what PTSD is as well as the signs, symptoms and situations that may cause this condition.

Myths about suicide: Women sat in park thinking about suicide
Myths about suicide

To help break the stigma of talking about suicide, SuicideLine Victoria is looking at some of the common suicide myths and facts. We hope this will help you reach out to someone in your life who may be overwhelmed and not coping.

Man contemplating why change is so hard
Why is change so hard?

A new year, a new you… how many times has that been said over the years? Each year, many of us set new goals to change yet fail to make any headway in accomplishing them.

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Physical, mental and financial support during covid-19

COVID-19 has led many of us to feel concerned about our health. One of the best ways to protect our health is to know where to go for support. Here, we have complied some tips for keeping safe, as well as resources for practical support, including support options available if your job, financial or housing situation has been impacted by this crisis.

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Staying on top of working from home during covid-19

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, many people have found themselves working from home. There are many benefits to working from home, as well as some pitfalls. Here we look at some of the challenges and how to stay on top of working from home.

Family sat round a table practicing homeschooling
Homeschooling (and keeping kids busy) during covid-19

The COVID- 19 pandemic is having a significant impact on people’s lives. One of the biggest challenges, has been for parents and carers to guide their children through ‘at home’ learning. Here we look at some tips and resources to help you keep the kids happy and learning.

Positive self-talk: Two men walking and talking
Positive self-talk on World Compliment Day

1 March 2018 saw World Compliment Day grow as a worldwide initiative. Originating in the Netherlands, World Compliment Day was created to be ‘the most positive day in the world’, which also means being positive to yourself! Complimenting yourself using self-talk can help you process your day, your experiences and impact your feelings.

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Looking after your mental health during covid-19

Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your health – both in the short and long term. Learn how to look after your mental health during COVID-19.

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Protecting yourself and others online during covid-19

It’s never been more important to stay virtually connected. Yet increased internet usage has seen a rise in cyber bullying, phishing scams, conspiracies and misinformation. Here we look at the current risks of engaging online, as well as ways to help others (particularly young people) combat these and stay safe online.

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Myths about schizophrenia

It’s Schizophrenia Awareness Week and there are many misunderstandings about schizophrenia; what it is and how it affects people. SuicideLine Victoria is working to reduce the stigma of schizophrenia by looking at the most common myths and comparing them to the facts.

Women with Schizophrenia sitting against a wall
What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects brain function. Specifically, it affects thoughts, behaviour, language, and perception. A person with schizophrenia has an altered perception of reality, meaning they may have trouble distinguishing between what is real and what is not. Read on to understand the symptoms and treatment of schizophrenia.

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Mental health week

This Sunday is World Mental Health Day and the start of Mental Health Week in Australia. The theme this year is Do You See What I See? It’s a campaign that challenges some of the stereotypes and perceptions of mental illness.

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Is your new years resolution still on track?

New Year’s resolutions are fundamentally about changing something in ourselves that we may have struggled with until now. If those changes were easy to make, so many of us wouldn’t be making a special commitment.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Working Together to Prevent Suicide is 2018’s theme for World Suicide Prevention Day, chosen intentionally as it highlights the most essential ingredient for effective global suicide prevention – collaboration.

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World Suicide Prevention Day - Take a minute, change a life

World Suicide Prevention Day is about taking the time to notice what’s happening with your family, friends and workmates.

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World Suicide Prevention Day - Stigma around suicide

While attention and support for mental health and mental illness continue to grow, and positive steps are being taken, the stigma around suicide continues.

World Mental Health Day
World mental health day

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October. Here in Australia, 1 in 5 people are affected by mental illness. Here is some advice from Mental Health Australia on things you can do, to help improve your mental health.

Women writing down her new years resolution
Tips to help you make that change

Making a New Year’s resolution this year? Make sure it is realistic, set short-term goals, be accountable for your actions and understand that failure is part of the process. It is never too late to change!

RU OK? Older couple sat talking
RU OK? Day

Today is RU OK? Day, a chance to start a conversation with a friend who is struggling to cope. If you’ve noticed your friend is less chatty than usual or avoiding social activities, trust your gut instinct and ask them how they are going.

Women asking what is depression?
What is depression?

Depression is an intense feeling of sadness that lasts for a long time, sometimes weeks, months or years. If you are depressed, it can start to interfere with your personal and work life, your wellbeing and physical health. Here we ask, what is depression, and what are the symptoms?

Women showing symptoms of anxiety
What are the symptoms of anxiety and what can cause anxiety?

Everyone is different. Anxiety has a combination of emotional and physical symptoms, but this list highlights some of the most common anxiety symptoms.

Man sat practicing mindfulness on a beach
What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness in its most basic form is to be fully present, aware of where you are and what you are doing. It is paying attention to the present moment and not reacting or getting overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. Read on and understand how to practice mindfulness.

What can cause depression
What can cause depression?

We may all feel sad or in a down mood at some time in our life, but when you have depression, these feelings last for a long time and can be quite intense. There usually isn’t one single event or factor that can cause depression, but rather a combination of several factors. Here we look at six of these factors that can lead to depression.

Benefits of sleep header: Man sleeping next to an alarm clock
Benefits of sleep and why sleep is good for your mental health

We may not think about sleep too much, but we know that it is beneficial in some way. We often feel ‘out of sorts’ after a bad night’s sleep but are ready to take on anything after a good night’s sleep. So what are the benefits of sleep for our mental health and why is sleep so important?

Women laying awake in bed
Three surprising mental health benefits of sleep

The study of sleep science has been around for hundreds of years. Even so, you don’t need to be a scientist to appreciate the mental health benefits of sleep.

A woman driving, getting angry
When is anger a problem?

Anger is a completely normal emotion to experience, but when does anger start to become a problem?

Man on phone talking with friends
Six quick pick-me-ups

We are all time poor and have any number of things competing for our attention. It can be hard for us to etch out the time to practice some self-care. Here are some five-minute tasks to keep you on an even keel during your hectic day.

Loneliness - friends sat together having a picnic
Loneliness - way to improve your social relationships

Recent studies have been looking at loneliness and how connecting with people can positively improve your mental health, social health, and wellbeing. For some of us, this may be easy, but for others, social relationships and situations can leave us feeling a little awkward. Read our advice on how to improve your social relationships.

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Why the pressure to be happy, can make us unhappy

Our obsession with happiness and positivity is a relatively modern phenomenon. Ironically though, striving to ‘achieve happiness’ could be making us unhappy. Here are five reasons why trying to be happy could be making us unhappy.

A woman connecting with others playing and online video game
Gaming - a cure for isolation and loneliness

Can gaming be a cure for social isolation? It’s not about escaping reality, it’s about escaping reality together.

Women sleeping worrying about mental health issues
Three (even more) surprising mental health benefits of sleep

Sleep is an essential biological process that has been observed in almost all animals. Quality sleep is also crucial to good mental health.

Feel anxious - Women sat looking concerned, worried about anxiety
I feel anxious, but do I have anxiety?

Most of us know that feeling of anxiousness, nervousness and worry. We may feel anxious before an important event like a job interview, presentation, or moving to a new place. When your anxious feelings do not go away after an event has ended, or you don’t know why you are feeling anxious, you may have anxiety.

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How do I know if my drinking is becoming a problem?

Lots of us drink socially, but how can you tell if your drinking is becoming a problem? Here’s an overview of the key warning signs and where to get help.

Women spilling coffee having a bad day
How to cope with a bad day

We all have bad days. No matter what the cause, you have the power to turn it around! Try some of these tips to get your day back on track.

Depressed man drinking alcohol
Concerned about the effects of alcohol

While many of us like a drink from time to time, for some of us, the effect of alcohol is negatively impacting our day to day lives. Understand how alcohol can effect your wellbeing.

Man looking happy taking care sat at his desk at work
Taking care of yourself at work

Most people work a 36-40 hour week, but there are also a lot of people who work more than that. Regardless of how much you work, it can take a toll on your mental health. It’s important to take care of yourself at work to reduce work stress.

family communication - family walking along a beach
How to improve communication with your family

For most of us, our closest relationships are with our family; our parents, spouses or partners and kids. However, even the closest of relationships still experience ongoing or underlying tension.

Man struggling to cope at work - take a mental health day
When to take a mental health day

Sometimes we may find ourselves taking our physical health more seriously than our mental health. Here SuicideLine Victoria looks at some signs you may be in need of a mental health day.

Man suffering from social anxiety
What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety is more than just feeling nervous about a social function or event. Learn how to spot the signs.

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The link between physical and mental health

Research suggests there is a link between our physical and mental health, with regular exercise aiding wellbeing through the production of ‘feel good’ chemicals. Read our tips to get moving.