Bereaved by suicide

SuicideLine Victoria provides phone and online counselling for anyone who is bereaved by suicide. Bereavement can often be very complicated. In addition to grief, people bereaved can experience shock, guilt, anger and loneliness.

SuicideLine Victoria has a number of resources available that can help you through this difficult time. If it is an emergency call 000.

Women accessing suicide support
Accessing support after a suicide

The time frame for people wishing or needing to seek support after a suicide varies. This often depends on the nature of family and personal networks that people have available. If you don’t feel that you have a good support network or anyone to talk to, or if the grief is significantly affecting your daily life, relationships, or health, you should consider accessing additional support.

Sad looking teenager sat against lockers in school
Supporting children bereaved by suicide

Speaking to a child about suicide can be very confronting and worrying. Children tend to grieve differently from adults, often expressing their emotions in their behaviour and play. These expressions of grief are a common part of the bereavement process for any child.

Young man sitting alone bereaved by suicide
Have you been bereaved by suicide?

Bereavement after a suicide can often be very complicated. In addition to grief, people bereaved by suicide can experience shock, guilt, anger and social isolation. Because the death may have been sudden or unanticipated, it can be particularly traumatic and painful for those who were close to the person. Grief is not a sign that you aren’t coping. Instead, it is a normal part of the process of healing.

Woman dealing with grief after a suicide
Suicide grief and bereavement - looking after yourself

The grief process is never easy, but the grief experienced when losing someone to suicide can be especially complex and traumatic. Looking after yourself and your own mental health and wellbeing is therefore very important during this challenging time of emotional upheaval. Here are some self-care tips that you may find helpful.