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Overcoming failure

We never set out to fail.

We set out with the hopes and dreams of being successful in whatever it is we do. Sometimes we’re successful, and sometimes we’re not. If we found success in every endeavour we start, then every little boy would grow up to be a fireman and every little girl a Disney princess.

Failure is part of everyday life. Sometimes we experience it on a small scale, then at other times that failure is epic. The bigger the scale of the failure the more impact it has on us. It has the power to affect everything from our self-worth, to our confidence and our wellbeing.

Some failures hurt more than others but they all hurt. We’ll get over some pretty quickly, then there will be others that take a bit of time, care and effort.

Let’s take a look at three strategies that can help you overcome failure.


Accept failure

Failing sucks. What’s the point in putting on a happy face and pretending to be happy when you feel miserable. Allow yourself to be sad. Allow yourself to stay in your bedroom with your head under the covers ignoring phone calls and text messages. Failure is hard so don’t pretend it’s not. The key is not to stay under those cover for two long. A couple of days is okay. Maybe even a week. After that get out of that bed, have a shower and get back in the game.


It’s not personal

Just because something you did failed, doesn’t mean you failed. Separate the thing you failed at from you as a person. Not everything you set out to do is going to be a success that doesn’t mean you’re not going to be.


Lean on your friends

Your support network are all there to help you through times just like these. What we’re talking about here could be a close friend, a partner or a family member. Cry on their shoulder, vent in their  ear and allow them to encourage and inspire you.


What went wrong?

Nobody wants to keep making the same mistakes over and over againIf you want success in the next big thing you do then you’re going to sit down, have a think and be honest with yourself about why you failed last time. Have a think about what went wrong and what steps you need to put in place so that next time your outcome is the one that you want.


The next big thing

The most important step in overcoming failure is to start working on your next big thing. Pick another project, start another business, do another thing; whatever your thing may be, but start something. There’s nothing more exciting than the prospect of a new success! Soon that last failure will be so far away that you won’t even give it so much as a second thought.

We all fail. It’s what we do next that matters.


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