When to take a mental health day

Sometimes we may find ourselves taking our physical health more seriously than our mental health. But considering three million Australians are currently living with anxiety or depression, it’s no wonder we need to take a mental health day here and there!


Five signs you need a mental health day

1. You feel particularly anxious

It will be different for everyone, but you may be feeling very restless, suffering from headaches, snapping at people you wouldn’t normally be short with, short of breath and feeling more run down than usual.


2. You need to see your doctor

Whether that’s going to a GP, psychologist or psychiatrist.


3. You can’t focus

Sure, everyone gets distracted at work sometimes, but you’re finding yourself easily distracted and thinking about other things.


4. You’re not performing

Your mental health is getting in the way of performing at your best


5. You’re exhausted

If you’re consistently feeling a bit pooped, it may serve you to take a time out to refocus and re-centre.

If any of the above persist over time, it is advisable to check in with your GP and share how you’re feeling; you may benefit from counselling or may be struggling with larger health issues.


If you’re struggling with your mental health or worried about someone you know, please give us a call anytime on 1300 651 251 to talk to a member of our SuicideLine Victoria counselling team.

If it is an emergency, call 000.