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SuicideLine Victoria provides phone and online counselling for anyone who is concerned about someone. Supporting someone who is thinking about suicide can be a stressful situation. You may even feel guilty that you are not doing enough. These are all natural responses. You don’t have to face the situation alone.

SuicideLine Victoria has a number of resources available that can help you through this difficult time. If it is an emergency call 000.

Providing support

How do I talk to someone after a suicide attempt?

Discovering someone you care about has attempted to take their life can be a shock. You may find it hard to understand what led up to that point and why you were not able to help. It can be difficult to find the right words when you’re feeling quite emotional yourself. SuicideLine Victoria has some suggestions on how to start the conversation.

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Providing support

Supporting a work colleague

During Mental Health Week and beyond, take the time to notice whether you have a work colleague who is struggling. You may see that they are becoming withdrawn or not coping with their workload.

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Providing support

Supporting someone who is experiencing domestic violence

If someone has told you that they are experiencing domestic violence, you may initially feel overwhelmed and unprepared to help. But there are things you can do to support the person. Understand how you can help someone who is experiencing domestic violence.

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