Thinking about suicide


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SuicideLine Victoria provides phone and online counselling for anyone who is struggling with situations in their life, from feeling low or stressed to the more complex issues of suicidal thoughts and grief arising from suicide. Feeling suicidal is itself a painful experience, but it is not something you have to bear alone. Reaching out for help is an important step towards getting the help you need to keep yourself safe.

SuicideLine Victoria has a number of resources available that can help you through this difficult time. If it is an emergency call 000.

What is

What is self-harm?

If you have been thinking about hurting yourself, you are not the only person to have felt this way or used self-harm to cope with difficult times in your life. Understand some of the reasons you may be self-harming and learn about alternative ways to manage your response when you start to feel like hurting yourself.

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