How to refer a client



Refer your client or patient to SuicideLine Victoria

SuicideLine Victoria is a free professional phone and online counselling service for people at risk of suicide, concerned about someone else, or bereaved by suicide.

Health professionals can refer a client or patient to SuicideLine Victoria for:

  • Multi-session counselling: A tailored program for clients who require up to four sessions with the same counsellor. In these structured sessions, counsellors work alongside clients to achieve their goals. Our Intake and Assessment team will assess for eligibility by using the Initial Assessment and Referral (IAR) tool.

To refer your client or patient, click the button below to download the PDF referral form.


Click here to download PDF


Please fill out the PDF form, save it to your computer, and email it to  [email protected].


What happens next?

The referrer will receive an automatic email reply when SuicideLine receives the referral form.

SuicideLine’s intake team will assess and register eligible clients.

Referrers will be notified via email whether the client was eligible for the service. Please advise your eligible client that SuicideLine Victoria will be calling them to make an appointment (this will display on a mobile phone as a private number).


What should the client expect?

For multi-session counselling:

  • The client will receive a call from SuicideLine Victoria Intake and Assessment team.
  • The intake officer will conduct the Initial Assessment and Referral (IAR) during the first call.
  • The counsellor will work with the client to prepare a multi-session goal plan.
  • After the first session, the counsellor will book in the next counselling appointment.

Find out more about SuicideLine’s counselling services.