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SuicideLine Victoria is a 24/7 telehealth service that offers free professional phone and online counselling for people living in Victoria.

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Concerned about someone 

Supporting someone after a suicide attempt

Discovering that someone you care about has tried to end their life can be a devastating experience. They will need supporting. Know what to say to someone who has attempted suicide.

Concerned about someone 

How do you talk to someone who may be suicidal?

Are you worried about someone who may have suicidal thoughts? Allowing them to talk about how they feel is extremely important. Here’s some advice on how to get the conversation started.

Bereaved by Suicide 

Accessing support after suicide

The time frame for people wishing or needing to seek support after a suicide varies. This often depends on the nature of family and personal networks that people have available. If you don’t feel that you have a good support network or anyone to talk to, or if the grief is significantly affecting your daily life, relationships, or health, you should consider accessing additional support.

Free counselling and support for people at risk of suicide and anyone experiencing mental health issues

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Need to talk to someone?

SuicideLine Victoria offers free professional 24/7 telephone counselling support to people at risk of suicide, concerned about someone at risk, bereaved by suicide and people experiencing emotional or mental health issues.

Call 1300 651 251

Online Chat & Video Counselling

SuicideLine Victoria offers free professional 24/7 online counselling support to people at risk of suicide, concerned about someone at risk, bereaved by suicide and people experiencing emotional or mental health issues.

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What to do in an emergency

If someone’s life is in danger or there is an immediate risk of harm, call emergency services on 000.

SuicideLine Victoria has advice on what to do if you are with the person at risk, if the person at risk has called you or you need the poisons information hotline.

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Why use phone and online counselling?

With its less confronting approach, many people find phone and online counselling a helpful alternative to face-to-face counselling. Our qualified counsellors specialise in working with suicide-related issues, and will assist you in working through difficult emotions. We offer both single and multi-session counselling services to eligible clients.

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Latest from SuicideLine Victoria

What is PTSD?

Learn about what PTSD is as well as the signs, symptoms and situations that may cause this condition.

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What are the symptoms of anxiety and what can cause anxiety?

Many of us feel anxious when we have a stressful event or situation coming up, and we are worried about it. This feeling is temporary and usually goes away after the event or situation has ended. Anxiety is when that feeling of anxiousness does not go away and is long term. Find out more about the symptoms of anxiety and what can cause anxiety.

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Information for Health Professionals

Understand how our counselling services work, how to refer a client and access support materials for clients at risk.

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