Tips to help you make that change

If you are making a New Year’s resolution this year, we have some tips to help you along the way.


Be realistic

Understand that you have to start somewhere and do not take on multiple behavioural changes at once.

We each have limited resources we rely upon to make change happen:

  • Attention
  • Self-control
  • Motivation.

Trying to change too much, places unrealistic demands on each of these resources. We often forget that while trying to change, other areas of our lives keep spinning and they too require these resources on a daily basis.


Set manageable goals

Break down your change goal into manageable chunks – small, tangible objectives that you can achieve by certain dates. Unless you can give yourself set goals and targets, you will not achieve what you want.

Big and vague must give way to small and specific.

  • “I’m going to start exercising” becomes, “I’m going to start walking tonight after work for 20 minutes.”
  • “I want to be more mindful” becomes, “by the end of month three I want to be able to dedicate ten minutes a day to mindful breathing.”
  • “I want to work on my wellbeing” becomes “each week I am going to read one book, and have implemented one technique.”


Be accountable

If you miss a date, goal or target don’t stress too much, just reset and try again.


Failure is part of the process

Failing is often part of the process. Learn to see failing as a step, not as the end of the process or an excuse to stop trying. Failing reveals more to you about what deserves your attention and energy the next time.


In summary, make sure it is realistic, set short-term goals, be accountable for your actions and understand that failure is part of the process. It is never too late to change!


If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed give our SuicideLine Victoria team a call anytime of the day, we are here to support you: Call 1300 651 251.

If it is an emergency, call 000.